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 Deus Ex Human Revolution Trainer (STEAM) PC Megatrainer Cheat GodMode

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PostSubject: Deus Ex Human Revolution Trainer (STEAM) PC Megatrainer Cheat GodMode   Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:23 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

UPDATED on daily or weekly basis

Work for ALL VERSIONS of the game

Applicable to Steam/Retail, Skidrow version.

Easy to use . Simply run it and you are ready to go.

DO NOT Crash the game like other trainers – you can run it for hours without any error.

*User Friendly. Each trainer is accompanied with a simple user guide.

Trainer Options:

Insert – Enable Trainer

Numpad 1 – Unlimited/Infinite Life/God Mode *HOT*

Numpad 2 – Unlimited/Infinite Ammo/Super Ammo *HOT*

Numpad 3 – Unlimited/Infinite Money *HOT*

Numpad 4 – Unlimited/Infinite Pravis

Numpad 5 – One Shot/Hit KO *NEW*

Numpad 6 – Super Accuracy- Aimbot *NEW*

Numpad 7 -Unlock All Missions *NEW*

Numpad 8 – No Recoil *NEW*

Numpad 9 – Unlimited/Infinite Energy *NEW*

Numpad 0 – Unlimited/Infinite Item *NEW*

Numpad [ - Unlimited/Infinite Stamina *HOT*

Numpad ] – Unlimited/Infinite Battery Power *HOT*

Numpad \ – Freeze HackTimer *HOT*

Numpad / – Unlimited/Infinite EXP *HOT*

Numpad > – Enemies ignore you *NEW*

Numpad < – Fly – Zero Gravity *NEW*

Numpad + – Save Position

Numpad = – Teleport

Numpad \ – Undo Teleport

Home – Disable ALL

HOTLY ADDED Trainer/Cheat/Hack for Deus Ex Human Revolution

NUMPAD1 Unlimited Life

NUMPAD2 Unlimited Stamina

NUMPAD3 Unlimited Energy

NUMPAD4 No Reload

NUMPAD5 Freeze HackTimer

NUMPAD6 One Million Credits

NUMPAD7 Two Million Exp

NUMPAD8 Thousand Praxis Points

Another Hotly Added Trainer for Deus Ex Human Revolution

NP1 – unlimited ammo/detonate

NP2 – no reload

NP3 – unlimited health

off – hit-picture (camera)

- hit-indicator

NP+ – max power+1000

NP4 – 1hit kill

NP5 – add xxx xp (0-999)

NP6 – add xxxx credits (0-9999)

NP7 – xxx praxis points (0-999)

NP8 – unlimited stamina

NP9 – unlimited battery power

NP0 – no hacklimit (time to expire)

Another Hotly added Trainer for Deus Ex Human Revolution

Ctrl+Q Freeze Health

Ctrl+W Freeze Energy

Ctrl+E Freeze Ammo

Ctrl+R Add 10000 Credits

Ctrl+T Add 100 Praxis

SUPER MEGATRAINER for Deus Ex Human Revolution Trainer

F12 – Trainer Activation.
This will activate the Trainer!

F5 – Super Speed
F6 – Super Jump.
F7 – Super Bullet Impact.
F9 – Super Accuracy.
F10 – No Recoil.
F11 – Rappid Fire. *NEW*

Numpad 1 – Infinite Health. *HOT*
Numpad 4 – Infinite Energy. *HOT*
Numpad 5 – Infinite Stamina. *HOT*
Numpad 6 – Infinite Ammo. *HOT*
Numpad 7 – Add 9999 Credits. *HOT*
Numpad 8 – Add 9999 Praxis. *HOT*
Numpad 9 – Add 9999 XP. *HOT*

Insert Key – Enemies Cant Shoot.
End Key – One Hit Kill/KO *SUPER HOT*
Page UP – Freeze Timers.
Page Down – Bullet Time Matrix *HOT*

Numpad 0 – Store Position.
Numpad 2 – Teleport.
Numpad 3 – Undo Teleportion.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Deus Ex Human Revolution Trainer (STEAM) PC Megatrainer Cheat GodMode

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